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Tamlyn Edmonds

Tamlyn is a specialist private prosecutor and one of the founding partners of Edmonds Marshall McMahon ("EMM"), the first and only specialist private prosecution law firm in the UK. Tamlyn specialises in serious fraud, corruption and asset tracing.
EMM is described by Legal 500 as ‘a firm with unsparing attention to detail’ that is ‘the very model of how fraud cases should be prosecuted in the Magistrates and Crown Courts’ and is a leading firm in Fraud: white-collar crime.
In May 2016 Tamlyn co-authored Private Prosecutions: A Potential Anticorruption Tool in English Law; part of an Open Society Foundations series examining the challenges and opportunities facing civil society groups seeking to expose and punish grand corruption.
A copy of this paper can be found at: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/sites/default/files/legal-remedies-4-edmonds-jugnarain-20160505.pdf
The right of individuals and entities to pursue private prosecutions in England & Wales, as well as other jurisdictions, continues to be of fundamental importance in ensuring access to justice. It provides a means for ensuring that those responsible for committing criminal acts are punished and to deter further criminal offending. This is particularly important in times of austerity and where ‘conventional’ authorities are unable or unwilling to take action. This right is a powerful tool in the arsenal of litigation, which can often be quicker and more effective than other civil legal remedies that are available to victims, or those who seek to take action on their behalf. Properly utilised, private prosecutions can be an extremely powerful anticorruption tool.