Madeleine McCarroll

B Team
Senior Manager
Madeleine is a Senior Manager at the B Team. She has eight years experience working across commercial and government sectors in the areas of energy and conservation. She has a background in partnerships, business development and management. Previous to her role as Senior Manager, Governance and Transparency Madeleine was part of leading a transformational change within New Zealand’s government agency, the Department of Conservation. Here she led teams to develop and implement large scale partnerships between NZ Government and global business that delivered conservation outcomes alongside commercial outcomes and worked to empower New Zealanders and international audiences to value conservation and radically increase its growth in New Zealand. She has also been part of growing New Zealand’s fastest growing company Powershop, leading marketing and sales strategies to shake up New Zealand’s electricity industry and grow a power company that empowers consumers. Madeleine has a honours degree in Art History and English Literature from Victoria University, Wellington.