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Sabine Zindera

Siemens AG, Legal and Compliance
Vice President
Sabine Zindera, Vice President at Siemens AG, Legal and Compliance, heads Siemens´ global Collective Action activities, Compliance Strategy, and Reporting and Planning.

Collective Action is building alliances against corruption to foster clean business and to support fair market conditions. In this role she also manages and coordinates Siemens' relationships with international and non-governmental organizations around the world. Since 2009 Sabine Zindera has headed the Siemens Integrity Initiative, which is based on Siemens’ agreements with the World Bank and the European Investment Bank. With total funding of more than US$ 100 million, the initiative supports organizations and projects that fight corruption and fraud through Collective Action, education and training. www.siemens.com/integrity-initiative
She was a member of the working group at the World Bank Institute in Washington that developed guidance on Collective Action methods and, at Siemens, she heads an international project aimed at putting these methods into practice.

In addition to supporting the New York-based United Nations Global Compact (10th Principle), she e.g. works with the Commission on Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, represents Siemens in the World Economic Forum's Pact Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) in Switzerland, and manages Siemens' relationship with Transparency International.
Since 2011 Sabine Zindera has been deeply engaged in the B20 Task Force on Improving Transparency and Anti-Corruption, which was an important element of the global consultation processes around the G20 Summits in France, Mexico, Russia, Australia, Turkey, China, Germany, and now Argentina.

She is a frequent speaker and published author on the topic of “Fighting corruption through Collective Action” and introduced the global strategic stakeholder mapping process. In 2012/2013 she was a member of faculty at the University of California, Berkeley, Center for Executive Education at the Haas School of Business.
At Siemens, Sabine Zindera has held various international positions in Germany and abroad. She has been involved in the global procurement of components and OEM products and has set up and supported joint ventures with subsequent M&A transactions in Europe, America and Asia. Prior to her present position, she was a founder member of Siemens Venture Capital, and held the post of Vice President Marketing and Communications.