Natalie Sedletska

Freelance Investigative Journalist
Natalie Sedletska – a leading Ukrainian journalist with a vast experience in investigations of the corruption schemes of the Ukrainian public officials. In summer 2014, she founded a resonance investigative TV programme called “Schemes. Corruption in details” with the support of the American Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, which since then is regularly broadcasted by the Ukrainian First TV channel (Ukrainian public broadcaster). In 2016, she received Oleksandr Kryvenko award, the most prestigious award in the Ukrainian journalism. She was also on the list of the young Ukrainian leaders “Top 30 Under 30” formed by the Ukrainian English language outlet «Kyiv Post». In 2015 Natalie went undercover as part of a British Channel 4 television documentary, "From Russia With Cash," about corrupt deals fueling London's property boom. Natalie is part of the famous YanukovychLeaks project which was awarded the Global Shining Light Award in Norway in 2015 and The M100 Sanssouci Media Award in Potsdam in 2014.