Laurène Bounaud

Transparency International France
Executive Director
Laurène Bounaud is the Executive Director of the French chapter of Transparency International. Since 2007, Transparency France has been dealing with several large-scale corruption cases targeting several ruling African heads of states, their close associates and relatives; all of whom are suspected of having amassed million euros worth of ill-gotten gains over the French territory (the case is known in France as the “Biens Mal Acquis” case – literally “ill-gotten gains”). Being party to the case, Transparency France has played a crucial role in the investigation and the advancement of this case that led to a first and historic victory in October 2017 : Teodorin Obiang, Vice-president and son of the President of Equatorial Guinea, has been given a three-year suspended jail term, a suspended fine of €30m by a French court for laundering the proceeds of corruption, embezzlement and misuse of public funds. The court also decided to confiscate all of his assets held in France. If this landmark case marks a turning point in the fight against impunity both in France and internationally, TI France is now campaigning to ensure that in any restitution case, confiscated assets do benefit the populations that have been deprived from them in the first place following a transparent, accountable, participatory and effective procedure".