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Dr. Aziza Akhmouch

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
Acting Head of the Cities, Urban Policies, and Sustainable Development Division
Her job at the OECD consists in advising governments at all levels on how to design and implement better urban policies for better lives. To do so, the division carries out evidence-based economic analysis, benchmarks and peer-reviews on a diversity of topics such as metropolitan governance, local public services, sustainable development, water, among others. The division also carries out policy dialogues with governments at national, regional and metropolitan scale to build consensus around tailored policy recommendations. Before heading the division, Aziza created the Water Governance Programme in 2009, and spearheaded the OECD Principles on Water Governance adopted by Ministers in June 2015, which set standards for effective, efficient and inclusive water policies. Aziza was also the coordinator of the Territorial Review of Cordoba, Argentina, and is now leading a 2nd policy dialogue with the province on Regional Well-Being and Sustainable Development.
Aziza Akhmouch holds a PhD and MS Degree in Geopolitics as well as a MS Degree in International Business.