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Carin Jämtin

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)
Carin Jämtin is Director-General of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) since May 2017. Ms. Jämtin has a long political career within the Social Democratic Party at both national and local level. Democracy and human rights have always been the heart of Ms. Jämtin. In 1999-2003 Ms. Jämtin headed the International Development Cooperation Department at the Olof Palme International Centre – the umbrella organization for the Swedish labor movement working in the spirit of Olof Palme for democracy, human rights and peace.
In 2003 Ms. Jämtin was appointed Minister of International Development Cooperation by Prime Minister Göran Persson. During her first year as Minister the Swedish Parliament unanimously decided on a new long-term development policy which aimed to contribute to equitable and sustainable global development. In spring 2016 Ms. Jämtin was appointed to the World Bank’s Commission on Growth and Development, consisting of 20 leading politicians, business executives and academics and led by Nobel Prize winner Michael Spence. The purpose of the Commission was to broaden and deepen the understanding of sustainable economic growth as part of poverty alleviation.
Between 2006 and 2011 Ms. Jämtin was Vice Chair of the Stockholm City Council. As Secretary General of the Social Democratic Party, 2011-2016, Ms. Jämtin initiated a long-term policy and organizational development, headed the election campaign which resulted in the formation of a new government in 2014. Ms. Jämtin has studied public administration at Stockholm University.