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Ali Sadki

Transparency Maroc
Ali is an activist in the fight against corruption and the defence of human rights. He has been a member of Transparency Maroc, the Moroccan Chapter of Transparency International, since 2000 and has worked on national and regional initiatives in the MENA region to promote transparency for almost twenty years.
He has been involved in different NGOs in a number of capacities, such as a member of the National Board of the Association of Education on Human Rights (1997-2002), a member of the Council of Espace Associatif (2007 -2009), and a member the Executive Secretariat of CIMDH (Coalition of Moroccan Human Rights Instances), a member of REMDI (Moroccan Network for the Right to Access to Information) (2012-2015). Ali speaks Arabic, French, English, and Tamazight, and has published several articles in different Moroccan newspapers. Ali is currently Coordinator of the project "Impact of corruption on women ". He has also written extensively and published several articles dealing with contemporary social problems in Morocco.
Ali's presentation will be about a project set up by our Transparency Maroc in partnership with the International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ) and Transparency International. The project deals with the phenomenon of sextortion. It is titled "New standards of integrity and accountability : recognizing corruption's impact on women".

Topic: New standards of integrity and accountabiity: recognising corruption's impact on women